dailyfemale.net Domain - FOR SALE

The set of Daily Femail and Daily Female domains are for sale together or individually.

Daily Femail

  • DailyFemail.com - Daily Femail is already used by the Daily Mail newspaper for the Femail section of their newspaper and so it would make most sense for thhe Daily Mail to own these domains.
  • DailyFemail.co.uk - By owning the DailyFemail.co.uk domain the Daily Mail would be able to have a direct route in to their site. Currently all users go via dailymail.co.uk/femail.
    Using this domain they could simply search and enter "Daily Femail".

Daily Female

What makes this set of domains powerful is that it covers both spellings of the name - it means that users can access the site using either spelling
There's so many genre's that could use the DailyFemale domain!!

  • DailyFemale.com - If the Daily Mail seriously don't want the dailyfemail domains then dailyfemale is a seriously good brand name for sites aimed at women, or men.
  • DailyFemale.co.uk

If you're interested in buying any or all of the Daily Femail or Daily Female domains please contact: info@ahhasoftware.com
or phone 01737-300644