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Daily Femail: DailyFemail and DailyFemale Domains - FOR SALE

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Daily Femail

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What makes this set of domains powerful is that it covers both spellings of the name - it means that users can access the site using either spelling
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  • - If the Daily Mail seriously don't want the dailyfemail domains then dailyfemale is a seriously good brand name for sites aimed at women, or men.

Asos 'tells skinny models to put on weight'.

UK-based online retailer Asos has reportedly told one model pictured on its website that she looked 'too thin' and needed to put on more weight on her arms and collarbone.Australian interior stylist, Anita Birges, speaks to FEMAIL about the tricks of the trade guaranteed to add thousands to the value of your home and drastically boost your chances of a sale.Australian media personality Lisa Wilkinson has revealed a bizarre fad diet she once 'fell victim' to during her younger years.Australian fitness model and personal trainer, Laura Amy, is known for her incredibly fit figure and inspiring workout programs. But throughout 2015, she struggled with an eating disorder.Margot's eclectic style can range from Hollywood glam to casual 90's grunge, but you don't need to shop at Alexander McQueen or Chanel to draw inspiration from her style.Australian trainer, Tiffiny Hall, 33, had a difficult pregnancy that saw her put on 30 kilograms in the process. Now, only four months later she has lost 21 kilos.

Nektaria World made Aysha Mehajer's dress bitter battle.

The Australian designer who made a wedding dress for Salim Mehajer's now ex-wife has been embroiled in a bitter battle with disgruntled customers.Which? research has revealed the devices that will live longest, and which will need fixing soon. it says that range cookers are least reliable as a quarter will suffer a fault in just two years.The Woman In The Window, the debut novel of American-born author Daniel Mallory, 38, has been hailed as a successor to best-selling thriller The Girl On The Train.The German designer, who is known for his distinctive white ponytail and dark shades, showcased his newly-grown facial fuzz at the Dior Homme show at Paris Fashion Week.Princess Eugenie will marry fiance Jack Brooksbank at St George's chapel in Windsor this Autumn, however, the bride-to-be has previously listed an alternative venue as a 'wedding destination'.Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown, 13, was among the youngest stars on Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe list, as well as fellow Brits Maisie Williams, 20, and Rita Ora, 27.

Reddit girlfriend gets ultimate revenge on cheating ex.

The anonymous woman, who is based in the US, shared her tale on Twitter, revealing how she'd planned to surprise her long-term partner at his house - but found him asleep in bed with his ex.Queen Letizia, 45, met with charity representatives at a reception at Madrid's Zarzuela Palace on Tuesday. She wore stylish cropped trousers with a pair of chunky heels.A curious user took to Mumsnet to find out how housewives keep themselves occupied once the chores are done. She received hundreds of sarcastic messages from stay at home mothers.Podcast and web show maker Mike Rugnetta spotted the trend after realising that several cookbooks aimed at Instant Pot owning couples feature the same style of photo on the cover.Mother Denise Fergus, who was with her two-year-old son, James Bulger, the day he was abducted in Liverpool, told how she felt his ghost while cleaning her house.The Bake Off star, 33, reponded passionately to the anti-Muslim tweets. The mother-of-three said she was fed up with being told to 'go home' by people who assumed she isn't British.

Twitter users sympathise with single Princess Beatrice.

Beatrice, 29, is the last single royal of marriageable age and after her sister Eugenie's engagement was announced yesterday Twitter users couldn't hep sympathise.Primark has teased another Gucci homage on its Instagram feed - and shoppers can't get enough. This time its a black cross-body bag inspired by the insect-embellished Marmont.They've growing up fast! Tom Fletcher, 32, filmed his mummy blogger wife Giovanna getting emotional as she shopped for bigger beds for her two boys Buzz, three, and Buddy, one.Martyn Holmes, who is the head of the council at the Fellowship of Hairdressing and owns the award-winning Headmasters chain of salons, shares tips that use items in your kitchen cupboard.Bemused shoppers from around the world have shared photos of the hilariously creative mannequin poses they've spotted on sharing site Diply.Star make-up artist Patsy O'Neill, responsible for making Holly Willoughby show-ready for Dancing on Ice is a big fan of the Serum Foundation, which costs just £5.70.

Women scarred by acid attacks have reconstructive surgery.

Fatima Muneer, 45, and Niaz Bano, 53, both from Pakistan, were doused with acid in unrelated attacks, leaving them scarred for life. Zahida Parveen, 24, was badly burned by a gas cylinder.British Sky Sports presenter Simon Thomas took to Instagram to share a picture of 365 motivational notes a stranger wrote for him to help him through every day of the year.After its watermelon based face mask caused a frenzy among beauty fans, Korean brand Glow Recipe has unveiled a new moisturiser that's 90% watermelons - and it's sold out on pre-orders alone.Foodies were left angry after their treats looked nothing like the packaging so took to Reddit to share the worst cases of false food promises on popular thread: Expectation V Reality.Hayden Moll, from Missouri, was crushed when he pressed the 'reject' button on the app by mistake, losing sight of a potential match he had set his sights on.Rather than waiting to be introduced by maitre'd Fred Sirieix, an excited Esther, 44, from Bromley, spotted 55-year-old Mark sitting by the swimming pool at the First Dates Hotel and headed over.

Bride-to-be slams her mother-in-law for wearing white.

The 'hurt' British bride-to-be said she couldn't help but interpret her mother-in-law's plans to wear an off white dress to her upcoming wedding is a 'fingers up' to her. Her fellow mums agreed.Nick, 27, a drummer from Kent, who has learning difficulties appeared on The Undateables last night to finally find love as he'd never had a date before and was set up with Chloe, 22.Becky Harris, 30, from Suffolk, carried a daughter for two businessmen from the south of England in 2012 and on January 8 she delivered the couple's second baby.Celebrity stylist Neil Moodie, who has tended to the tresses of stars including Demi Moore and Scarlett Johansson, wants to encourage women not to wash their hair too often.A hilarious gallery compiled by BoredPanda has revealed some of the most offensive and inappropriate notes people have received from their youngsters.Love Island's Amber Davies, 21, has launched a new fitness site for people who hate long sessions at the gym, wanting to inspire confidence in others after she was skinny shamed.

Twitter reacts in horror to thigh high Ugg boots at PFW.

Ugg has partnered with French brand Y/Project, but fans were left horrified by thigh high boots at the men's show at Paris Fashion Week yesterday and took to Twitter to voice their disgust..Prince Albert II and Princess Stéphanie, the children of Grace Kelly, were joined by Stéphanie's children Pauline and Louis Ducruet for the official opening ceremony on Thursday evening.The Instagram beauty blogger, from Italy, caused outrage when she uploaded the image of the youngster with false eyelashes, thick foundation and even her brows painted on.Meghan arrived in Cardiff with Harry for their third official engagement together, dressed in head-to-toe in carefully chosen items supporting both British fashion and charitable endeavours.Cadbury is to open pop-up shops in London, Birmingham and Sheffield where customers will be able to pick up a free bar if they give up a piece of old tat. It's a tribute to Cadbury's latest advert.Awestruck foodies have shared photos of stunning natural miracles on Reddit, and they are truly stunning to behold. The pictures include astonishing mounds of spices shaped like pyramids.

GMB guest says children should not have best friends.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain on Friday, parenting expert Liz Fraser said she supported teachers discouraging having a single best friend because it makes children 'territorial'.Jo Crossley shared why she decided to leave her high paying Barrister career of 22 years to become an English teacher at a failing school in Bradford, West Yorkshire.The vegan burger is made from soya protein is only available in Finland and Sweden. Following a successful trial, it's a regular menu item at hundreds of branches. It also has a gluten-free bun.Eli Rezkallah, 31, from Lebanon, re-shot the images from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s but swapped the roles of the male and female characters to highlight their sexist messages.Speaking on ITV's Good Morning Britain, Ben Shephard said he didn't realise that certain emojis had sexual implications - after saying a female friend sends aubergines to him 'all the time'.Maya Jama, 23, has told how a traumatic upbringing and the murder of her boyfriend at 16 drove her to succeed as she prepares to join Radio 1 as their newest DJ.

Signs reveal businesses with very mixed messages. has compiled a gallery of business combinations from around the world that don't make any sense, such as a vendor Wisconsin that sells both taxidermy and cheese.The US space agency has confounded Twitter users after sharing an archive image of the cosmetics kit designed for female astronauts - containing 'essentials' such as lipstick and blusher.Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis has updated a guide to when stores begin to discount food with yellow reduced price stickers - and at Tesco and Morrisons, it starts in the morning.Boot sale app Shpock reports a 'post-Christmas trend' for people flogging their unwanted exercise gear online, much of which has never been used. Exercise bikes are up 170% since December.Graham the Christian, 19, who is based in Chicago, Illinois, spent 15 consecutive days earlier this month saying the words over and over again to raise funds for Red Nose Day.Viewers of Channel 5's One Night With My Ex were left in shock after a cheating ex-boyfriend had the cheek to ask his former flame for an open relationship.

Daughter shares moment dad sees his wife with new hair.

A husband's reaction to his wife's haircut has gone viral after it was filmed by the couple's daughter. Praise Kirkwood, from the US, filmed her dad as he saw her mother reveal a new shaved hairstyle.A cheery-looking Camilla, 70, is seen flying over Tower Bridge and other landmarks in the short cartoon which launches the start of the BBC's annual creative story competition for under 13s.Roscoe Crawford, 32, from Scotland, said contestants are told what to wear, accompanied everywhere by a 'babysitter' and even have their hotel rooms checked to ensure there is 'no bad behaviour'.In a BBC Two documentary Michelle Young says that her frantic ex, a multimillionaire property developer with ties to Russian oligarchs, offered to pay her £30million.Lee Sutton, 42, and Rena Kiser, 39, from Missouri, who weighed 714lbs and 542lbs, had gastric bypass surgery in the hopes of having a 'normal' relationship, having sex for the first time.The Duke of Edinburgh, 96, appeared in fine fettle as he strolled to St Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham, Norfolk, this morning. The Queen, 91, chose to make the same journey by car.

Model says conference centre REFUSED to let him use toilet.

Blake Beckford, 36, from Leamington, realised his stoma bag had started to leak while walking past the Manchester Central Convention Complex. But staff said the toilets weren't for the public.The man, named only as Josh, from Sarasota, Florida, was filmed firing the blue gender reveal smoke bomb into his face (pictured) but was left spluttering with the powder.A guide given to players and audience members on Channel 4 show Countdown includes a reminder on how to correctly say the word 'consonant' after some pronounced it 'continent'.FEMAIL spoke to Sydney-based dietitian, Lyndi Cohen, for her advice on healthy portion sizes. She also shared her tips for reducing your portions so that you remain full without putting on weight.Angela Martin, 39, of Hobart, noticed that with each pregnancy she was also gaining more kilos. After her youngest turned six weeks old, Angela knew she needed to make a change.FEMAIL spoke to the Head Nutritionist at popular salad chain, Sumo Salad, Ashleigh James, to find out what makes a healthy salad. Here are her top five tips.

Birmingham woman trolled for sharing photos of daughters.

Kayliee Lorenzo, 25, from Birmingham, has been picking out matching outfits for daughters Miya-Lei, four, and Renayah, six, since shortly after the youngest was born.Furious fans have accused the London-born model, 26, of being insensitive towards people who have lost their hair through illness or cancer treatments in her now-deleted remarks.The former 'Peru Two' drugs mule was seen leaving the £180-a-night Merchant Hotel in Belfast with a mystery man - just weeks after the pair were spotted enjoying a cosy dinner date in the city.Dasha Sebelova, 38 and Rostislav Sebelova, 47, from Czech Republic, have 18 dogs, who are all treated like royalty. Their five bulldogs lie on their backs in a line as they have a manicure.Set in Bristol, the gritty new four-part series follows the disappearance of a little girl during an unsupervised visit with her grandparents - with the finger of blame soon points to her social worker.From sipping on tea made from banana skin to listening to cheesy pop music, FEMAIL reveals the surprising scientifically-proven methods that can help to boost your mood.

Moana Bikini CEO reveals trick she uses to rid cellulite.

Although Australian bikini designer of Moana Bikini, Karina Irby, works hard to have the incredible figure that she has, she has revealed the trick she uses to achieve the perfect Instagram shot.This week, Kerry Davis, 35, from Norfolk shared a blind date with Luke Ware, 43, also from Norfolk. They reported back from their dinner at Middletons Grill in Norwich.Mary Creighton was just 15 when she first fell pregnant in 1967 and was placed in a home for unmarried mothers run by nuns in County Westmeath - later being forced to give up all three children.In a clear demonstration of the style influence she already wields, Meghan Markle's £45 Marks & Spencer jumper sold out within hours of her wearing it to visit a Brixton radio station with Prince Harry.

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