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Blogger with cervical cancer shares photos of hair loss.

Milly Smith, 23, from Hull, who has been living with cancer for three years and was diagnosed last month, shared a photos of her thinning hair on her Instagram page 'Self Love Club' .Bake Off stars Liam Charles, 20, and Selasi Gbormittah, 31, have met, much to the delight of fans. Liam shared a picture, which sparked calls for the pair to become a presenting duo.While a pair of YSL's gold LouLou chelsea boots cost an eye-watering £685, a more purse-friendly version from Primark will set you back just £14. But how good is your eye for couture?At the heart of the new series, which chronicles the life of Queen Elizabeth, lies a visit from Jackie Kennedy that allegedly sent the Queen into a jealous fury with her husband.How do you bag Christmas in a luxury home for free? A website is hooking up pet sitters with property owners this yuletide, meaning a stay in a lavish home could be yours for free.Sources say Meghan, 36, has already moved out of her apartment in Toronto, with removal vans said to be spotted outside. The actress will be moving into Harry's two-bedroom cottage, it is claimed.

Celebrities spark Instagram trend for woman-spreading.

A number of celebrities have been seen adopting the pose on Instagram in recent months. Social media users from around the world have been following suit, after being inspired by the trend.Fascinating graphics reveal the lightest and most indulgent versions of supermarket treats. The most calorific products add up to 1,697 calories, but you can save 398 kcal by making swaps.Prue Leith, 77, was on holiday in Bhutan when she sent the tweet revealing Sophie Faldo had won. The tweet was swiftly deleted but not before it had been shared on social media.Camilla, 70,  showed off her sewing skills when she visited the Royal School of Needlework (RSN) at its Hampton Court Palace headquarters on Wednesday.Proponents of theory say that John F. Kennedy was more likely to have been shot at close range, 54 years ago. The official report says that Lee Harvey Oswald fired at the presidential limo twice.Some of the weirdest items from around the world have been shared on an Instagram account called Ugly Design. Many beg the question of how they got on shelves in the first place.

Sian Williams slams ‘sexist’ man on Twitter.

The Channel 5 presenter and journalist, from London, explained that the man said 'that's what I like to see: a woman on her knees' as she bent down.Grand Designs host Kevin McCloud explored some of the UK's finest countryside properties, all of which are in the running for a prestigious Royal Institute of British Architects award.The 24-year-old student at Georgetown Law attended the annual White House ceremony with her half-sister, her niece Arabella, and her nephew Joseph on Tuesday afternoon.Asda is selling six bottles of Yellow Label Prosecco for just £25 from today (Wednesday, November 22) until the end of the month. The offer means that each bottle costs just £4.17.Eccentric supermarket shoppers wearing anything from underwear to fancy dress are pictured on the US site People of Walmart ('s relationship expert Tracey Cox reveals how certain signs can indicate that your significant other might succumb to temptation at his office Christmas party this year.

UK's first dwarf drag queen wants to be next Lily Savage.

At just 4ft 8in tall, Jamie John, 29, of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, is the UK's first dwarf drag queen and vows to become little people's answer to Lily Savage.In Australia to perform in the production, The Sleeping Beauty, American ballerina, Misty Copeland, 35, says she is honoured to be changing the face of beauty around the world.Rather than head for the sofa when your partner is snoring, scientists claim there is one simple way to cease snoring, and it will cost you less than £15.Twitter user Andrew J. Abernathy discovered that this stock photo in the meme is part of a greater series. He posted several of the stock images in a row, using them to tell a story.Photographer Jordan Matter, 51, partnered with Dance Moms alums Lilly Ketchman, nine, and Elliana Walmsley (pictured), 10, for two incredible photo shoots this fall.The 36-year-old was photographed leaving her Washington, D.C. home shortly before 8am on Tuesday morning, 40 minutes after husband Jared Kushner.Madeline Stuart was awarded the Quincy Jones Advocacy award in Denver, walking for the Be Beautiful, Be Yourself Fashion Show for the Global Down Syndrome Foundation.

Thanksgiving is most popular holiday for conceiving a baby. surveyed 1,000 Americans about the conception of their first children, and 17.7% said their first kid was conceived closest to Thanksgiving.Photos of some very rude cakes have been circulating online, proving that not all bakes are sweet treats. They are all decorated with incredibly honest messages that get straight to the point.The ballerina and her husband Paul Dans already have two little girls, Lumina Belle and Violette Allegra. During her first two pregnancies, Mary continued to dance right up until delivery.The images, taken by families around the world, show little girls brushing their fathers' hair and painting their nails as they gave them some rather outlandish makeovers.The Spanish Queen looked sharp in a grey tweed belted jacket and knee-length skirt, which was subtly emblazoned with a purple flower on the hem, for her meeting in Madrid.This collection of celebrity wax figures appear in tourist attractions around the world but baffled visitors struggle to work out which star they are looking at.

Morrisons sells a magnum of Prosecco for just £10.

Black Friday isn't for another week but one supermarket has already started cutting prices ahead of the sales bonanza. ts offers include four magnums priced at just £10 each.Amusing things that children say and do have been shared by people from around the world. One child said broccoli 'tasted like hair', while another commented on her cousin's 'big' stomach.The hilarious restaurant signs, compiled in a new online gallery, are awash with witty food puns, double entendres and even the occasional innuendo designed to entice diners.Holly, 26, from London, had never met her father, who walked on her mother when she was pregnant as he battled with a drug addiction. The artist was desperate to meet him before her wedding day.Great British Bake Off will be making a comeback this December with some favourite faces making a return. Prue Leith, Paul Hollywood, Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig will be joining the bakers.Conservation charity WWF has made an emotive one-minute film showing an elephant being slaughtered for its tusks by poachers. The ad is part of the ongoing battle against the illegal wildlife trade.

How ‘needy’ King Edward left Wallis Simpson trapped.

Channel 5's Wallis: The Queen That Never Was looks at how Wallis made numerous pleas to Edward to end their relationship. During one call, Edward threatened to kill himself if she left him.Liyah Londyn, 31, from South London, has thrown an array of lavish parties for her daughter Skylar-Rose, five. They've been so praised that she's turned her hobby into a money-making business.The anonymous Zumba instructor finds chatter in the class a distraction, as she finds some people just come for a catch up. She also finds it annoying when people nip off to the loo as she's giving a demoA rib-eye steak is most calorific, containing 270 calories per 100g, while a T-bone has 210 calories. A fillet steak has 155 calories per 100g, but a flat iron steak is leanest with 140 calories.EXCLUSIVE: Matthew Butson, vice president of the Getty Images Archive - which has access to over 130 million images - has selected his favourite photos from each decade of marriage.Retreats runner and single mother of three Elaine Kingett, 68, says her combination of investing in her hair at a celebrity salon and maintaining a youthful outlook keeps her young.

Your next adventure: off-grid getaways.

For an undisturbed getaway in a picturesque setting visit Lundy in the Bristol Channel where there's no electricity or phone signal. The island of Vega and Herault also offer stunning stays.An anonymous reader asks Dr Tracy Mountford for her advice on reducing the appearance of age spots and freckles on their face. Dr Tracy suggests using Cryotherapy to target the spots.Katie Piper is a TV presenter, and author. In 2008 she was attacked by her ex boyfriend who threw acid in her face - causing severe scarring on face and neck and partial blindness.A Whisper thread has revealed what being in a three-person relationship is like, including the man who is jealous of his wife's love for her new boyfriend and the woman who loves dating two men.Beverley Haigh of Meltham, vowed to cook her family a different meal every day of the year in a hope to make her four children less fussy. She has now started a blog cataloging her recipes.William, 35, was the guest of honour at a charity cook off at the launch of Pledge150, a joint venture from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and LandAid, at its headquarters in Parliament Square.

Queen Maxima attends Day of the Entrepreneur.

The Argentinian-born royal, 46, wore an outfit was as bright as her mood on Friday dressing in an emerald belted dress for her engagement.Registered Nurse Jamie Sherrill from LA has a long list of celebrity clientele and has revealed UK women's biggest ageing mistakes ahead of the launch of her latest beauty tools.EXCLUSIVE: Mothers Emily Nunn, 40, from Rotherham, South Yorkshire, and Katherine Vesey, 42, from the Wirral, Merseyside, first experiencedKitchen experts reveal simple but effective life hacks that will save you time, including one that allows you to remove cherry stones easily by using a chopstick to push a stone out over a bottle.Chefs including Nuno Mendes, who is head chef of London's Chiltern Firehouse, reveal their favourite places to eat if visiting Lisbon, Chania in Crete or Palermo in Sicily.Houzz editor Mitchell Parker shared his predictions for the hottest interior design trends with My Domaine - and it's all about colour.WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT Tanya Evans, 27, from Swansea, Wales, is at risk of rupturing her bowel while she waits for surgery to remove the mass which has grown to the size of a football.

Princess Beatrice disscuses criticism over that hat.

Princess Beatrice, 29, spoke about how she was forced to deal with common issues like 'struggling with her weight' and while growing up in the public eye at a House of Lords book launch.People around the world snapped pictures of some of the most bizarre solutions they have ever come across, including a sunbather using a water bottle as a headrest.This week FEMAIL picks the best fur cuff jackets, available on the British High Street. They are the perfect piece to take you from the office to dinner with friends. Choose from prints and classic styles.Kate, 35, paid a visit to Hornsey Road Children's Centre in north London on Tuesday where she disclosed her two-year-old daughter's favourite colour.A study by LinkedIn looked at the experiences of people aged 25 to 33 in the UK, US, Australia and India. The main reason for a quarter life crisis was found to be career concerns.On one small piece of card, you have the chance to really sell your business...but a group of companies clearly didn't get the memo and fail spectacularly when it comes to self-promotion.

Ashley Alexiss wins her first lingerie campaign.

Ashley Alexiss, who is based in LA, has just been unveiled as the new face of British brand Lovehoney. The 26-year-old has previously starred in shoots for the likes of Elle and Maxim.Thousands of fashion-forward Reddit users from around the world replied to a thread asking: 'Ladies, what type of clothing looks the sexiest on men?'Children around the world were left chuckling when they received these messages from their well-meaning mothers. Many came unstuck when they tried to be 'cool' or use the latest technology.Martina Navratilova, 61, appeared on Good Morning Britain on Wednesday to speak about the Australian vote for equal marriage, saying being in the closet is a 'burden' for gay people.Christmas ads have come a long way. A collection of retail ads from 50s and 60s show how a festive list might once have shaped up - with irons, toasters and hoovers suggested as presents for women.Mother-of-six Krechelle Carter from Adelaide has revealed how she turned her home from its original state to one brimming with style without blowing the budget. FEMAIL took a look around.

Jessica Quinn lost leg reveals her body image struggle.

Jessica Quinn, from New Zealand, who lost her limb to bone cancer has spoken candidly about her vulnerability of living with a prosthetic leg growing up.Dinny Hall, 57, founded her self-titled jewellery label whilst studying at Central Saint Martins. Her designs grew in popularity after supermodel Christy Turlington wore one of her earrings for Elle.This week Nadya Fairweather recommends resistance exercises to strengthen the back of those who spend a lot of time sitting at their desk. A diet high in calcium can also benefit back bones.Here, FEMAIL looks at the 10 top emerging places named by and why Brisbane has overtaken Sydney as the top place to visit in Australia.Writing in his column for Esquire, the British restaurant critic, 48, said he doesn't care how his son turns out 'as long as he isn't fat'. Social media users were quick to criticise piece.SPOILER ALERT: Abbey Clancy, 31, channeled biker chic in a a leather waistcoat complete with statement shoulder pads and buckle detailing.

Austria's Next Top Model hopefuls pose completely nude.

The glamorous contestants, who are battling it out to win a coveted modelling contract, had to pose completely naked in this week's episode of Austria's Next Top Model.Yves Saint Laurent's £6,850 Niki crystal-encrusted boots have sold out after becoming the 'It' footwear of 2017 for celebrities, including Kendall Jenner who wore them twice in a week.Fashion editor Fiona McIntosh picks out the best vintage-inspired lingerie from the British High Street. She believes advancements in fabric has allowed for both style and comfort.M&S and Co-op are among supermarkets selling fizz-flavoured crisps this year. Some are horrified by the unusual flavouring, but others think Prosecco works well in a potato snack.

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