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Be Fit Foods dietitian was 'lunchbox shamed' by parents.

Victorian-based dietitian Kate Save has revealed she isn't immune to other parents criticising her for how she packs her children's lunchboxes.A Sydney mother, Edyta Lynch, was horrified after she bought a bag of cashew nuts from Coles that contained a plastic shaving. 'I was lucky my son didn't eat it,' she has said.As women move into their twilight years their sexual appetite can be hampered by the perils of old age, and a new study has revealed the physical and psychological reasons why.Ashleigh Burton was hit with PND symptoms 10 months after giving birth to her son. The Ipswich mum had been distracted while planning her wedding, but was struck with severe symptoms a week before.A woman in Perth has the job that all of us once dreamed of having - she is a professional mermaid. Katrin Gray, 32, knew that she wanted to be one and little did she know her dream would come true.Aiden Silverman, from Adelaide, surprised his teacher girlfriend Jaye Ventura in the ultimate marriage proposal, involving her school - and a picture book about a dolphin finding love.

Can a £7.99 serum from Aldi work better than £200 one?.

Lynn James, 40, from Hertfordshire, tested out the Rodial Rose Gold Serum, £190, against the Lacura Cuvee Royal, £7.99 from Aldi.Dr Nestor Demosthenous says traction alopecia - caused by pulling force being applied to the hair - is on the rise due to the popularity of extensions for women wanting thick, long tresses.Geneva Jordan, from Luton, was filmed drumming in perfect time to the song. Beyonce's drummer Venzella Joy William and Freedom co-writer Arrow Benjamin praised the youngster.The Good Housekeeping Institute has released a round-up of the nine places in the home that people should clean but always forget, including sports bags and the top of the fridge.The advert begins with blood being poured onto the sanitary towel to show its 'ultra-absorbing core.' The sanitary towel brand was the first in the UK to feature red blood in a campaign last year.KIDZ BOP are releasing a second album in November full of family-friendly versions of tracks in the charts. The UK band is made of four 11 to 12 year olds - Ashton, Twinkle, Max and Lois.

Disgruntled employees reveal elaborate workplace pranks.

These employees have taken their mischievous sense of humour to new heights, staging a series of elaborate workplace pranks and wreaking havoc on the office.With catering costing between £40-£300 per head, event planner Alyssa Brown says there's some simple menu changes that will save you money without compromising on quality.The TV personality made the stark discovery that he is related to the former King of Scots on Tuesday after having his DNA traced for the programme.Dionne Lees, 21, from Livingston, Scotland, was a talented rhythm gymnast but was driven to quit because of her crippling low self-confidence that stemmed from a vitiligo - a rare skin conditionLauren Spartley, 24, from Malvern, Worcestershire, has revealed how she can't bear to change the nursery intended for her stillborn daughter Maisie, despite now having another child, Mollie.Speaking on Freedom, the hour-long George Michael documentary which aired on Channel 4 last night, Stevie Wonder left fans in stitches when he jokingly said: 'You mean George is white? Oh my God!'

Ellie Harrison says viewers only ask about her outfits.

Ellie Harrison, 39, who lives in the Cotswolds, says she often gets asked questions like 'Where do you get your boots from?'. Her Autumnwatch co-host Chris Packham says he gets sent animal pictures.Nestlé have launched the limited edition tubes in time for Christmas at Asda stores exclusively - and people are delighted. The £1 tubes contain just orange sweets - the only ones to have a flavour.Danielle Gipson, 27, from Ypsilanti in Michigan, says her adorable three-year-old daughter Ariel was shy and reserved before entering her first pageant back in March. Now she's come out of her shell.According to the general public, there's an expiration date on bikinis, ripped jeans and even slogan tops - and it's a lot younger than you'd think.Prince William was chatting to a young boy at a charity event in London on Monday when he revealed the Disney classic four-year-old George has on repeat at Kensington Palace.Delish magazine has shared a recipe for pasta that you don't need a maker to prepare. It contains just mozzarella and eggs that form a dough when combined and takes just minutes.

County Tipperary twin sisters marry in a joint ceremony .

Mairead and Siobhan Ryan, 33, from County Tipperary, Ireland, married their teenage sweethearts, Robert Harris and Tommy Hogan, in a lavish joint ceremony in June this year in Clonmel, Ireland.A NSW woman who was overweight, suicidal and in an unhappy relationship has revealed how one rude comment from a personal trainer led her to starting her own gym.A new video of Canadian baker Kensina Penkina pouring a mirror glaze over a chocolate cake has gone viral on Reddit with more than 11,000 people watching the oddly satisfying clip.The 21-year-old actress took to Instagram over the weekend to share a photo of her bloodied ankle (inset), which she cut accidentally after being triggered and feeling so 'freaked out' she slipped.Puspa Dewi from Jakarta, Indonesia, insists her remarkably youthful looks are natural - and puts her age-defying appearance down to regular exercise, a healthy diet and 'radiating happiness'.The Duchess of Cambridge, 35, may have cut her locks even shorter after experiencing hair breakage - a common side-effect of pregnancy, which is caused by hormones.

RH Swimwear founder talks about her bikini empire.

Sydney-based swimwear designer, Ruth Hurley, 34, came up with the idea for her swim business while travelling Latin America with her husband. She spoke to FEMAIL about her business.Baristas have been leaking on social media that Starbucks will release a limited-edition Zombie Frappuccino this month. It will be available October 26 to October 31.Camilla, 70, rubbed shoulders with stars including Sandi Toksvig, Prue Leith and Christine Lampard at the Women of the Year event at London's InterContinental hotel on Park Lane on Monday.It seems some firms still judge potential hires on their appearance, as well as their experience. Jobseekers around the world have revealed the often surprising reasons they weren't hired.Parents have slammed costume etailer Escapade for stocking a Burnt Zombie Child costume in the wake of the Grenfell Tower tragedy where 18 children were killed.The National Pizza Awards have named the 13 best pizzas in the UK. The overall winner from London is topped with truffle and Italian hams. Others feature ox cheek and even chicken skin.

Experts reveal the culinary 'hacks' that are all fiction.

Experts have uncovered some of the most popular cooking myths with sommeliers agreeing that you can drink white wine with red meat and that champagne is the best accompaniment.Barrie McRorie, 29, from Netherton, North Lanarkshire was able to shed 13st following the advice of his doctor to have a major bariatric surgery. He now competes as a pro boxer.Grilled cheese sandwiches seem like they're pretty simple to make, but what if there was a key ingredient you'd been missing out that could really raise your cheese toastie game?Bethany Summerbell, from Darlington, shared a hilarious Whatsapp exchange with her grandmother on Twitter, after she sent her a selfie with a man she believed was James Arthur.Home Street lets gamers build their 'very own dream home and neighbourhood'  with virtual money and is billed as the perfect stress-busting pastime by its makers, Supersolid.The storm began after Inc tweeted a story about a kale burger at McDonald's, calling the vegetable millennials' favourite ingredient. Twitter users then began mocking the suggestion.

UEA expert argues there's no such thing as stress.

EXCLUSIVE: Former University of East Anglia fellow Angela Patmore features as a contributor on tonight's episode of The Davina Hour on Channel W to explore the concept of stress.Kym Marsh, 41, has encouraged others to talk about baby loss after losing a son, Archie, in 2009. Her Coronation Street character also had a stillbirth son in a tragic storyline this year.From cheeky bridesmaids to wedding photobombers - and even a dog who chose to urinate at just the wrong moment - these images, were captured at just the right moment.Bored Panda has shared a gallery of men who have cut off long hair and bushy beards and they prove a trip to the barbers is sometimes all you need to make a dramatic transformation.Crown Princess Mary opted for an old favourite in her wardrobe when she picked out the floral $1,620 Prada skirt for a Royal engagement in Japan. She has worn the skirt previously in Paris.Mumsnet users from around the world took to the online forum to share and debate their biggest interior design peeves, from inspirational quotes to wicker hearts.

Lonely woman breaks hearts with Sunday roast Facebook post.

Pat O'Byrne from Portslade joined the Brighton & Hove Sunday Roast group on Facebook and in her first post admitted she'd love to enjoy a roast but is disabled and has no car.Jack Joe, nine, lives on a traveller site in Essex, and had grown tired of sharing a bedroom with his younger sister Scarlet. His parents finally gave in to his demands for a trailer of his own.With more and more retailers looking into how artificial intelligence can affect our shopping habits, Unity Blott dons an EEG headset to track her brain's response to different items.An Australian blogger has hit back at vicious trolls who slammed her supermarket trolley full of 'unhealthy' food.EXCLUSIVE: David Whitehouse, of Skewen, near Port Talbot, says the mother of tragic Noah and Charlie has cut off contact with surviving son Ethan. However, the boys' mother strongly contests his story.Mothers have taken to the UK parenting site Mumsnet to share the most offensive words of 'wisdom' they were subjected to while they were expecting a baby - and some will shock you.

London mother claims she's too good looking for love.

Dawn Cousins, a receptionist from London, claimed on This Morning that her good looks have hindered her efforts to find love. Viewers weren't convinced, with one calling her 'deluded'.Olive green can make any item of clothing look that little bit more expensive. You don’t need to wear much of this shade to make an outfit stand out. The colour offers a softer, more feminine touch.The royal court has released a new set of images of Crown Prince Haakon and his family catching some waves to celebrate Norway hosting this year's European Championship of Surfing.Accompanied by her husband King Willem-Alexander, Queen Maxima, 46, stole the show as she walked the red carpet outside the Teatro Nacional Dona Maria II in Lisbon.Ladies have taken to social media to share snapshots of the times they asked their partners to tend to household chores and childcare duties - with laugh out loud results.From stints in rehab to becoming best friends with Angelina Jolie, FEMAIL investigates what happened to the stars of hit ITV show Gladiators after it came off the air in 2000.

Girl reveals how classmate shared other children's selfies.

EXCLUSIVE: Three British teenagers spoke anonymously to 5 News about their experiences of sexual harassment at school as part of a new awareness campaign on the issue.After getting mastitis four times with her newborn son a Queensland mum used her vibrator to ease symptoms of the painful condition - and was surprised to find it eased her discomfort in minutes.The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall are looking for a new sous chef, who would have to cook them organic food only and travel with them for up to two weeks at a time.The former Vogue editor, 59, took to Instagram this week to praise guest editor Sarah Harris for her work on the 'terrific' November issue cover shoot - but not everyone agreed.Apartment Therapy grilled a number of bloggers about their best money saving hacks - and they'll change the way you shop online.It's never to early to get in the Halloween spirit, especially if that includes memes of babies dressed as well known people.British herbalist Rachel Landon has written a new book on adaptogens, which are able to 'support and re-balance' the body. Holy basil relieves stress, while astragalus boosts the immune system.

The biggest interior design fails pictured online.

Ambitious homeowners have been sharing images of their attempts at DIY decor on social media, and the following snaps prove that the results can often be disastrous.Madison O'Neill, from Ames, Iowa, tweeted: 'So hmu [hit me up] if you wanna be my date to a wedding tomorrow'. Her now fiance, Chuck Dohrmann, responded to her invitation.Rae Willingham, who shed 25 kilos, now consults women working to lose weight. The Melbourne mum-of-three finds ways to save without big batches of meal prepping.FEMAIL spoke to June Jones, Wendi Carroll and Taryn Polovin ahead of the reunion to hear all about their fitness regimes, beauty tips and health advice.Carl and Kenya Stevens from Asheville, North Carolina, have been married for 22 years and 'open' for 12 - and insist their children are fine with them bringing their lovers into the family home.An Adelaide toddler has all the makings of a serious rock climber, according to her parents who say the tot has been climbing the walls – literally - since before she was out of nappies.

Queen Maxima wore over-sized burgundy hat in The Hague.

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, 46, looked striking in a monochrome burgundy ensemble as attended the opening of a new travelling exhibition at an art gallery in The Hague on Wednesday.

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